THE BRIDGE: 11 Steps From Humanity to Divinity

THE BRIDGE: 11 Steps From Humanity to Divinity,” Master Course provides a practical pathway for energetically, somatically, and empathically align more powerfully with your sacred nature. Their exists a rhythmic, sensual, spiritual aliveness between your experience of humanity and the expression of divinity.

Through integrating unconscious and discordant aspects of self, humanity is full embraced with devotion and vibration heightens and one’s humanitarian expression serves the whole of humanity in a greater way. Crossing the bridge of humanity serves our world and opens the way to higher octaves of divine expression.


This powerful 11—part Master Course,

THE BRIDGE: 11 Steps From Humanity to Divinity

is comprised of rich discussions, nuanced teachings, expansive meditations, and adventures audio-scapes through energetic, emotional and somatic realms. Engage your humanity and awaken to the mystical present within you, your life and our world.

Each incident of violence, corruption and trauma is pleading for the union of grounded peace and quiet humility that has long rested within the core of humanity.  These difficult times are an invitation to be inspired and awakened to the highest, strongest, best parts of being human, while also balancing the ability to witness, soften, listen and empathize. We must respond to individual challenges and our global crisis as wise stewards rich of divine understanding. This is the mystics path, a walk that will root you in gentle presence, neutrality and truth.

Life is an ongoing rite of passage… a sacred walk across the mysterious longing to serve, belong, and remember… while remembering how to Love…  and be Loved.


Bring your brilliant mind, however restless.

Place your beautiful heart upon the altar, regardless of how battered, broken, bruised or mended it appears.

Offer your human spirit, despite its exhaustion, weariness and stress.

Let the curiosity of your wild and wise soul guide you into a new experience of awakened aliveness, and may we meet each other… make love… and manifest peace.

In this 11-Part Master Course Online Retreat, you’ll discover…

  • The central role of the soul as experience. You are not on a journey; you are the journey. You are every piece and part of the world, speaking back to you about you. You are Experience, experiencing It-Self.

  • The energetic relationships between the physical and the non-physical construct as an invisible bridge, that all human beings touch but are often unaware of.

  • Why the dis-ease, discord and disruption of our world is the healing required, and how it is calling to each one of us as a sacred activist.

  • How the full range of lower and higher energies weave together to produce the ability to access higher and higher Staes of consciousness.

  • Why your somatic and empathic embodiment relies on your sensitivity to what has been disempowered, denied and withheld.

  • How the “illusion” of our perceived separateness manifests and how interpretations, projections and judgments continue to torque reality.

  • How the origins of conflict, chaos and suffering rest deeply within time, ancestry and cycles; along with how to empower the transmutation of these.

  • Why sacrifice is required, what that really means, the gift of sacrifice and how there is truly nothing to lose.

  • How to become a sacred soul activist, a conscious conduit and humanitarian surrogate, that can alleviate individual and collective pain and suffering.

  • How to connect with fragmented and separate parts of self and society to become more conscious and aware of how apathy, indifference or unconscious presence creates more division in the world; while developing and integrative embodied understanding of becoming the unifying divine expression of loving conscious presence.





In this module, SIMRAN will provide a comprehensive overview of this Master Course and prepare the space for engaging the Mystical path across the bridge of ‘being in the world, but not of it’. Inherent within each and every human being is the strength, courage and kindness of humanity which we all must access in order to respond to the challenges of our time. This involvement requires a balance of holy advocacy, sacred activism and devotional presence. Learn how to see your relationship to the world in a new way; Tap into ‘being in the world, but not of it’; Find out what it means to serve the individual and the whole; Discover how life experiences have built a bridge of possibility; Expand into a new perspective of how you see density and negativity; And much more!


SIMRAN reveals the deeply subtle influences within each of us that create the conditions in our world today… You are the bridge that moves the individual, social and global experience from where it is to the moment of transformative shift. In order to do this, a restructuring of internal health, wellness and engineering must occur. The reframing of ‘oneness’ is a leap across the great chasm of blindness, deafness and ignorance. Understand how you have created blocks to oneness; Tap into the sensations of sadness and grief that may block joy; Unlock your ability to see the mirrors of life; Learn how to hold what is present; Get a clear picture of the landscape of divinity; Create your pathway to awareness; And much more!


At this heightened juncture within our world, the one unified soul of all creation is calling for ego to be in service to humanity, in an entirely new way. This sacred activism, stemming from a renewed devotion to Self and Other, engages an ever-deepening inhale and exhale; a presence that births a new world into being. Every single person holds the ability to shift our world; within their hands, heart, mind and consciousness. This Module enters the field of Oneness; what it is and what it is not. Make your commitment to humanity; Learn the components of creating reality; Find out how to shift from distraction to presence; Receive a new understanding of acceptance; Be guided through your dimensions of humanity; And much more!


SIMRAN offers a call to action … an opportunity for reflection… to each see the part held. As above, So Below… As within, So without. The subtlety of your deception is a critical factor in ‘turning toward’ as opposed to ‘turning away from’. Criticism, Condemnation, Judgment and Divisiveness cannot create a world of Love, Unity, and Acceptance. This inner work is required, otherwise all outer work remains futile. Understand how certain impulses derail us; Tap into layers of fear and apathy; Unlock your presence of mind; Learn how to access greater safety and security; Gain a new understanding of anger; Create your ‘Mirror Map’; And much more!


Peace begins with the individual. There can be no peace in the world if people are at war within themselves. It is not the world’s job, or that of other people, to make you feel happy, loved or fulfilled. The world around you is designed to stretch you into learning how to create those things for yourself, by building a rich ecosystem within your emotional landscape. Master your emotions; Learn how to connect to the heart more deeply; Create greater kindness and compassion; Use your feeling nature to shift experience; Learn how to see pain in a new light; Find out how hate hides within and transform it; And much more!


SIMRAN shares the intimate understanding of how — from world of mud, muck and mire — beauty cannot only flower, but can also reveal radiance. Each human being is an example of the strength inherent within all of life. You are likened to the lotus in how you can bring forth beauty, color, independence and fragrance. Engage experiences and ceremonies that raise the inner temple and ignite your vibration, heighten your viewpoint, and empower your Spirit. Learn a special technique for somatic healing; Tap into your ability to dissolve stuck energy; Enjoy a visualization through the physical terrain of the body; Raise your awareness of hidden addictions stemming from your physiology; Recognize the rites of passage that are present.


SIMRAN invites you to stay your course; truth and alignment are what matter. Your most important sacred activity — for self and the world — is remaining true to your moment-to-moment practice. Each breath is sacred... every day a ceremonial beginning... and each new creation, a divine gift of manifestation to our world. Move within the world softly, gently; offering the world — strangers, fri-enemies, kith and kin — compassion; gentle words, gentle thoughts and gentle actions. Make your fr-enemies your greatest allies; Learn why narcissism is increasing and how to alleviate that; Find out how to tune in and tune up; Receive yourself; Become a proactive agent of change; And much more!


SIMRAN says the world does not need to change; we are required to change… in how we act, approach, perceive and regard the world. You are not you… that is a false construct built from a false and fearful viewpoint. You are a divine spark; a mighty sparkling cell in the physical landscape that is God consciousness. As such, create from a higher octave of that presence. Let nothing prior exist so that 'the old' may be set free, and 'the new' can begin. Understand how you are the vessel of change; Tap into the balance of the feminine; Unlock your power of healthy masculine; Learn how you unlock climate change; Create your Treasure Map of Transformation; And much more!


SIMRAN guides you in shedding what no longer serves, so to strength the bonds of what is common between us. We all emerge from one Source. The divide is the belief in separateness, rightness, point-of-view, and that there is a fight to fight. Any and all fight is only the illusion that the false self, over-inflated ego and the wounds of times past. True alchemy, love and beyond healing and transformation, arises as an art form through the lens of creative capacity that manifested life. Master the elements of change; Move from war to peace; Create your Journal of Joy; Use your air element as an art form; Learn how to alchemize; Find out how to neutralize discordance; And much more!


To see one other from tenderness — the gentleness of the doe, the peace of the dove, and the unconditionally loving divine heart is what will break down the barriers that stand between us. Within each of us lay generational tributaries of ancestral prejudices, biases, trauma, pain, guilt, shame and regret. Beyond those veils of story, lay an ever-expanding presence of emerging intelligence, he-artfulness, service, truth and hope that is deeply seeded within our divine roots. This is the energetic mycelia that lay beneath our earthen skins which aligns to the rhythmic pulse of nature. Make your body a conduit for transmutation; Learn the ‘orders of love’; Find out how to have loving boundaries; Receive your uniqueness and sameness; Be guided through illusion into reality; And much more!


SIMRAN supports your in awakening to the purity of Spirit, and the Essence of Love from which you are made. You are likened to every miraculous creation of Source. Keep this flowering in your awareness. Become the embodied walk of meditative presence by living your full aliveness within the world. Whatever you desire is there… simply open to it. You deserve the best in life; and life desires to give that to you. When you let go and fully receive the fullness that you are, doors that were once closed, shall gently swing open. Learn how to achieve peace in 30 seconds; Tap into the sanctuary of life; Find out how to expand your field of love; Enjoy the beauty of your own presence; Deepen into being the example; And much more!

11 Modules comprised of rich discussions, nuanced teachings, guide, expansive meditations, and adventurous audio-scapes through energetic, emotional and somatic realms. Engage your humanity and awaken to the mystical that courses through you, your life and our world.


Simran Singh

SIMRAN is a speaker, artist, author and catalyst for love, compassion and humanity. She advocates for the Visionary and Mystic within each person by creating and sharing conscious, uplifting and inspirational resources. SIMRAN creates art, books, and online courses that bridge humanity’s experience and expression of humanity and divinity. SIMRAN — mystic, artist and mentor — is publisher of 11:11 Magazine, host of 11:11 Talk Radio, and the author of multiple gold award winning books including (1) Conversations With The Universe (2) Your Journey to Enlightenment and (3) Your Journey to Love. Her latest is a trilogy of self realization is comprised: (1) LIVING… The 7 Blessings of Human Experience (2) BEING… The 7 Illusions That Derail Personal Power, Purpose and Peace and (3) KNOWING… The 7 Human Expressions of Grace. Six-time, gold award-winning author, soul artist, mystic, and author of seven books on spirituality, awareness, presence and self-realization including the two-time Gold-Award-winning book, CONVERSATIONS WITH THE UNIVERSE: How the World Speaks To Us and, SIGNS: Sacred Encounters with Pathways, Turning Points and Divine Guideposts.