Do you sometimes wonder if you are truly connected to something larger than yourself? 

Are you desiring to deepen your connection with the cosmos? 

Understand how to dialogue with it? Or, if it is communicating with you?

Although life has its share of challenges, you are not abandoned to deal with them on your own. In fact, you are guided every step of the way, if willing to connect, deepen presence, inquire and pay attention. The questions you ask either point to losing energy, become small, limited, and numb... or to gaining energy, expanding your minds, and opening your heart. 

This this 4-part Online Course encourages and teaches how to do the latter. Filled with information via video, audio, meditations and transcripts... You will learn the 5 quintessential questions to ask. You will gain experience leaning into life in a way that will undoubtably create a deeper connection with the cosmos... changing the way you look at life, the world and yourself. Are you ready to to discover the magic that exists... and the adventure that life is offering you? 

This 4-Module series will provide the basic groundwork to open to connection, communication, signs, symbols and synchronicity expanding in your life.
  • Five quintessential questions to continually evolve and expand to higher levels of personal growth on your own.
  • A new perspective on how to deal with challenges and obstacles that come your way. 
  • A foundation for greater trust in life and for self and others. 
  • This 4-Module Foundation Course includes: 4 Written Lessons, 4 Audio Lessons, 4 Concept video teachings and 4 Worksheets.  

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Session One

    • Session One Lesson

    • Session One Worksheet

    • Session One Audio

    • Session Two Video

  • 2

    Session Two

    • Session Two Lesson

    • Session Two Worksheet

    • Session Two Video

    • Session Two Audio

  • 3

    Session Three

    • Session Three Lesson

    • Session Three Worksheet

    • Session Three Video

    • Session Three Audio

  • 4

    Session Four

    • Session Four Lesson

    • Session Four Worksheet

    • Session Four Video

    • Session Four Audio

Connect to Your Intuition.

Find Your Voice. Open to the Space Between. Embrace Fear.