Are you ready to be a powerful, spiritually conscious, intuitively guided, and grounded mother? 

This groundbreaking and transformative 8-module online movement is for you if you are called to explore what it means to be a mother that embraces the diversity of all mothering experiences. This mother understands her innate power and wisdom, her connection with feminine power and the Divine Feminine, who has a deep trust and a strong foundation in her own capacity of mothering.

With the Conscious Mothering Movement, you will join a community of mothers who are powerful teachers with decades of wisdom and experience in healing their own wounds and connecting deeply with that part of them – call it Presence, call it Spirit, call it the Divine Mother – that is loving, powerful, and wise. 

Motherhood is not easy. It’s one of the hardest jobs in the world. Yet mothers receive so little support, even in spiritual communities where motherhood is often more valued.

  • What if you could always feel capable of handling the rigors and demands of being a mother in today’s world?

  • What if you could let go of feeling like you’re alone and don’t have support, and that no one else understands what it means to be a divinely inspired mother?

  • What if you could let go of your fears that you’re going to get it all wrong, make a mistake, or raise your child that repeats all the “mistakes” that you’ve experienced?

  • Do you wonder if it’s possible to raise a child who feels deeply empowered and connected with their own sense of purpose, filled with compassion and integrity, who wants to be of service to the world in whatever way best aligns with their true and authentic selves?

  • What if there was a way to heal and release those worries and form part of a powerful community of teachers who are also mothers who are here to inspire and guide you to a new level of consciousness about what it means to be a mother.

  • Do you question yourself, your instincts? Do you find yourself feeling triggered and still working with strong emotions—guilt, shame, uncertainty, unworthiness—as you navigate the stormy waters of motherhood?

  • Do you find yourself noticing patterns or deep emotions that you associate with your own mother, or grandmother—patterns you had hoped to avoid?

What if there was a way to relate to your child from a place of profound balance and equanimity, to draw on deep wisdom, connection to the earth and the divine, that feel that you are actually powerful about what it means to be a mother?

What is the Conscious Mothering Movement?

This is not your typical course on motherhood. You won’t find these teachings in your conventional guidebooks to pregnancy and motherhood. This isn’t your standard neighborhood list-serv of mothers providing tips and advice on questions about nursing, sleep schedules, and childcare. Those are wonderful expressions of women supporting other women, but what this course offers you is the embodied wisdom of the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine and practical ways of relating to your own identity as a mother so that you can raise your children from a conscious, mindful, and intuitive place of presence.

This movement is about you becoming a spiritually developed, mindful, and deeply grounded mother who trusts her own instincts, the deep wisdom that mothers have developed for millennia and has often been lost or ignored, and creating a whole new relationship with your sense of self as a mother.

What This Course Will Do For You


  • You will learn to navigate the tremendously strong and often difficult emotions that come with entering motherhood. Uncertainty, fear, guilt, shame, and other thoughts and emotions can feel overwhelming. Learn meditation and mindfulness-based strategies for managing your emotional life.


  • You will learn how to trust your instincts and intuition to feel deeply guided by your own internal wisdom.   You can learn to stop second-guessing yourself and your choices, learning instead how you are already a divine mother in human form with a great deal of wisdom that has been suppressed or ignored but not lost.


  • You will learn how to heal your own trauma, whether that’s rooted in your physical experiences during childbirth or in recognizing the ways your own generational trauma is being passed along from your mother to you and now to your children.


  • You will learn that children are unique messengers, with their own blueprints for what they are meant to bring into this world.  They are here to express their unique souls and to teach mothers where they also need to heal. You will learn techniques for parenting in a way that honors both the need to guide your child and to allow them space to flourish.


  • You will learn to handle the pain that comes from watching your children suffer and how to handle both your pain and their pain. You will do this by learning to draw on mothering wisdom from the realms of mindfulness, spirituality, and indigenous traditions.


This is a live online course with 7 amazing mothers who are also experts in mindfulness and different spiritual traditions.


Imagine if you could see your child from a place of wisdom and power.


Imagine if you could feel confident or resilient when you encounter a disturbing thought, a painful emotion, or doubt your capacity as a mother.


Imagine if you knew how to tap into your own presence, intuition, and a sense of divine wisdom when confronting the many challenges and questions that you will face as a mother.


Imagine that in the face of deep pain and suffering, you had wisdom and reservoirs of resilience, as well as powerful tools like prayer and forgiveness at your disposal.


That is what the Conscious Mothering Movement can offer you.


This movement was conceived and built on a deep respect for the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine. Patrick reached out to mothers who were already offering powerful content and service to the world, with the idea of bringing them together and holding a space of receptivity for them to contribute their gifts collectively. Mothers who are teachers and experts began to show up… and the Conscious Mothering Movement was born.

What Does This Course Entail?


8 Modules of Wisdom & Teaching with 8 Amazing Teachers On the Diverse Experiences of Mothering!

Each unit include a video teaching with tips, practices, and guidance to carry with you during the week and beyond.  Some units will have PDFs with questions and answers, others will offer tips and exercises, or a meditation. 

All the videos will be available to you so that you can go at the pace that makes sense for you.

MODULE 1 — Recovery of the Mother Indigenous Wisdom

Ghylian Bell

Today’s world has lost touch with native and cultural traditions that were previously taught and passed down from one generation to the next. The cultural roots and connection to a place — to a homeland of some kind — have been forgotten.  But they are not lost.  Even today, African, Aboriginal, and Native American cultures keep those intergenerational connections alive. What practices and wisdom are available to you, through your history and lineage, that you might not realize is part of your embodiment and held in the cellular memories of your DNA? In this workshop, Ghylian will explore the transmission from one generation to the next of indigenous, cultural, tribal practices and how you can recover your own connections to your ancestors through the mind, breath, and body.

Founder and Director of The Urban Yoga Foundation (UYF) and The Peoples Practice, Ghylian is one of four generations of women in her household. Daughter of Esther, mother of Taler and granddaughter of Journey. Childhood, Motherhood and Womanhood were the catalyst, giving birth to the work of this grassroots organization. A self love to service model, reclaiming indigenous presence to practice, UYF is a non-profit organization with the purpose to create yoga and mindfulness programs that specifically target the needs of people of color as well as create a platform for teachers of color to teach in their community. Outcome communities reclaim self-love and healing practices founded in a mindful culture built on self esteem and pride. UYF serves all who are seeking a path to wellness. In communities of privilege, UYF utilizes more focus on cultural and social awareness, introducing more serviced-based principles promoting collective work and responsibility.

MODULE 2 — Honoring Your Child’s Unique Self

Kimberly Marks

This module explores how to raise children so they are autonomous beings who trust themselves and their inner wisdom, and consciously approach the outer world from a grounded and innate power of being. 

Each child comes into this world with a unique path and particular way of expressing themselves. Our job as parents is to host a child on this planet to fulfil their unique Divine purpose --  whatever that reveals itself to be -- and help them to know the Divine within.

This module draws on an eclectic blend of ancient traditional practices and philosophy and contemporary Western psychology. We’ll use examples of practical application and stories to ground abstract theory into practical, daily parenting. It’s designed for you to gain awareness of your own parenting philosophy through self and child observation and reflection so that you can create a relationship that allows for that child’s particular essence to bloom. We’ll also talk about how we as parents were parented, and how this translates to our relationship with our children.  

Among the many benefits of this approach are the potential for children to experience greater self confidence; inner motivation and empowerment; assertive communication; self regulation and modulation; compassion, empathy and connection to self, the world and others; and social responsibility.  

Kimberly Marks is a mother to three teenagers, a social worker and licensed therapist, and has certification and training in several body work, energy and integrative therapeutic modalities. She’s studied and practices several ancient traditions and blends heart-based awareness and consciousness work into all areas of her life, work and family. She’s worked with children of all ages, parents and families for the past 24 years in a wide range of roles, settings and professional positions. 

Early in adulthood, she was motivated to understand the nature of trauma and began work at the microlevel of addressing violence and abuse. This began a journey of ongoing discoveries and lifelong learning about healing and systems on all scales. This path -- and her experience raising three children -- informs her work as a therapist, her parenting philosophy and her life principles. 

She believes firmly in the sovereignty of individuals and democracy within the family -- and promotes this on every level of being: physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.

MODULE 3 — Trusting Your Maternal Gut: Honing Your Natural Intuition as a Mother

Heather Carlucci

This is a class that reminds us that we often abandon our best insights and intuition to the language given to us by our mothers, mother figures as well as the mother images that are often forced upon us.

After years of teaching healthcare workers and wellness professionals how to listen to their own intuition at a psychic level, I've put together this class to put together what best supports us and what we know to be true.

We will be working with bias, confidence, unresolved trauma and how it sits in the laps of all kinds of mothers often with little or no support when we can walk away with a strong sense of how strong we are.

Heather Carlucci is an internationally renowned psychic medium and medical intuitive.  She works extensively with doctors and other health care professionals to find diagnoses undetected by western medicine.  With her decades of experience as an entrepreneur, Heather also works with CEOs, creatives and other leaders to work through psychic blocks and triggers.  She lives in NYC with her daughter.  For more information about Heather’s background and services, please visit her website:

MODULE 4 — Mothering the Mother Through Life's Transitions

Paria Hassouri

This is a class about a woman’s vulnerability and courage being the fierceness and strength of being human. We all bump up against things we cannot control, surprises, traumas and fears.

How do we face them when our children trigger all of the fears, inadequacies and struggles buried within. How do we keep going? How do we cope? How do we heal? How do we mother in uncertain times? 

Why share her truth?  She moved from anger and denial to not just acceptance but embracing her daughters transition after hearing other families going through the same experience share theirs. If there is one person who needs to hear this story, then it is worth telling.

We will work with intimacy, imperfection, things we could have/would have done differently, and how perfect the imperfection really is. As Paria shares her journey as a mother while her daughter transitioned from male to female, you will discover how similar we all are as mothers, regardless of what we or our children face. 

Dr. Paria Hassouri is a Mother — Pediatrician — Activist — Author of the book Found in Transition:  A Mothers Evolution During her Childs Gender Change

For more information about Paria’s background and services, please visit her website:

MODULE 5 — Healing the Mother Wound of Childbirth & Generational Trauma

Ifetayo White

Childbirth can be a traumatic experience for many mothers. It presents uncer-tainty, pain, and sometimes serious health scares. Not only can birth be traumat-ic for the mother, but also for the child—and the child can receive and inherit trauma that has been passed down for generations, from mother to child.  You, as a mother, can still heal the trauma you experienced during childbirth and what you inherited from your mother … thus recognizing the impact on your own chil-dren and interrupting some of the generational trauma cycle.

Ifetayo White lives on St. Helena Island SC and is the founder and director of CHOICES Birthing and Wellness Support and The Lowcountry School of Reiki. A mother, grandmother, friend and professional, she has continued to devote her-self to her own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing as well as that of others. 

In her professional life Ifetayo has loved serving as a birth, postpartum and end-of-life doula.  She is a sought-out national advocate for children and has worked with children, families, teachers and staff in community mental health programs.  As a consultant with Early Head Start in two states she facilitates trainings for teachers, parents, staff members and program directors in self-care and well-ness practices, as well as early childhood mental health insight. More recently Ifetayo facilitated sessions on vicarious trauma and self-care practices at a CDC training for nurses, doctors and hospital administrators whose focus is the col-lecting and reporting of maternal mortality data.

Ifetayo has been teaching and practicing Reiki for more than 25 years.  This work and her training as a massage therapist and Jin Shin Do acupressure prac-titioner created the container for her practice as a somatic healer of traumatic memory stored in the body. Her ReTurning hOMe Transformational Mentoring Program has provided a bridge for individuals to explore the trauma and fears that  prevent them from living their lives to the fullest. To enjoy a balance of life, Ifetayo enjoys spending time with her two daughters, grandchildren and friends, writing, women's circles, swimming, and being in nature. 

To find out more about Ifetayo’s work, visit: and

MODULE 6 — Mothering a Suffering Child

Janet Conner

It is a fact of being a mother that at some point in your child's life, they will suffer, and you will feel the pain of trying to help them and help yourself. Drawing from profound and heart-wrenching personal experiences, Janet will share stories of her own healing journey alongside her son, and share the powerful spiritual tools that carried them both to health and safety. You will learn to use deep soul writing, mystical prayer, radical forgiveness, and other, often surprising, spiritual practices to connect with the first mother, the Divine Mother, your soul, and your child's soul.

Janet Conner is a prayer artist, deep soul explorer, field guide in The Mystic, and devoted daughter of the Feminine Divine and Original Prayer. Janet’s first book, Writing Down Your Soul, became a bestseller, opening a path to The Lotus and The Lily, Soul Vows, Find Your Soul’s Purpose and 3 more. When “Prayer Artist” came calling in 2018, Janet found herself writing a whole new genre of prayer, redefining prayer altogether, and leading radical prayer intensives. She is the host of Praying at the Speed of Love, sharing intimate conversations with authors about their prayer lives. To make all this possible, Janet lives a life filled with silence, solitude, and joy in the tiny town of Ozona, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

MODULE 7 — Children as Conversations With the Universe

Simran Singh

Our children come in for far more than we realize... Not only are they our teachers, they bring with them messages of who we are, where healing is required and from when. They are among the most powerful Conversations with the Universe that we are given. By listening to their lives, the parents personal and spiritual growth can be catalyzed by leaps and bounds. 

Simran Singh is the author of IPPY Gold ‘Best New Age Book’ & IPA International Gold Award ‘Best Mind-Body-Spirit Book’ for Conversations with The Universe.  In addition, Your Journey to Love was recently awarded IPA International Gold Award for ‘Best Spirituality Book’. Other books include Your Journey to Enlightenment and the Little Bites to Feed the Soul Series. 

Simran is publisher of the Nautilus Award winning 11:11 Magazine and #1 rated 11:11 Talk Radio. As a leading catalyst in consciousness and personal growth, SIMRAN supports individuals through Speaking engagements, Personal Life Mentoring, Virtual Mentoring, Online Courses, and Evolutionary Art. ;

MODULE 8 — Finding Balance Between the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

Patrick Paul Garlinger

This unit explores what it means to bring our masculine and feminine energies into balance, and particularly when it comes to raising male children, what it might mean to instill in your children the capacity to embody both masculine and feminine energies. We’ll explore what it might feel and look like to teach boys how to honor their emotions and be receptive, compassionate, and open to the feminine. 

A second theme is the balance of the masculine and feminine in mothers, with an eye to how sometimes women forget other aspects of themselves for the sake of motherhood, hiding parts of themselves or sacrificing them altogether. How can you be in balance with all parts of yourself? Finally, we’ll explore how this course’s own creation is an example of men with feminine energy: Men can be feminine creators by being receptive, open, and allowing for women to be the lightbearers of wisdom.

Patrick is a conscious channel, an intuitive guide, a spiritual author, and a divine activist who seeks to bridge the work of inner transformation with social change. He works with individuals and groups to help them rekindle their reverence for life. In 2016, Patrick underwent an awakening of his kundalini and began to channel works of spiritual wisdom. The first channeled work, Seeds of Light: Channeled Transmissions on the Christ Consciousness, was published in March 2017 and awarded the 2018 Living Now Silver Medal for Metaphysics. Bending Time: The Power to Live in the Now, was released in June 2018. His latest channeled work, A World Without Identity: The Sacred Task of Uniting Humanity, published in January 2020, was recently awarded the 2020 Living Now Awards Evergreen Silver Medal for Books on World Peace.  Patrick also published in 2016 When Thought Turns to Light: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Transformation, a non-channeled introduction to spiritual techniques for readers seeking to incorporate more peace, joy, and wonder into their everyday lives, which won the 2017 Living Now Spirit Book Award.  For more information about his books and services, please visit


The cost for the course is only $197. You’ll receive wisdom, insights, techniques and tools, along with connection to a growing community of conscious mothers. The material you gain from this course will shape your relationship to motherhood for the rest of your life.


Who Is This Course For?

You feel called to join because you can sense that there’s deep wisdom and connection to be found in this course.

This is a course for those who want to approach motherhood from a place of presence, mindfulness, and spiritual wisdom. Mothers come, of course, in many forms. Cis-women, trans-women, and gender-nonconforming women can all be mothers. Mothering is not about biology, but a consciousness and a relationship to raising children. 

You may be a Black mother who knows that your child will face racism and White supremacy and privilege. You may be a White mother who is working through your unconscious bias and privilege and wants to raise a child who embraces anti-racism from an early age. 

You may have fears about being the kind of mother you had, or worry that you’re not going to be a “good” mother. You may have material concerns about the physical and financial burdens that being a mother entails. 

Whatever identity you bring, you also have a deep connection to Spirit, a commitment to being present and wholehearted, and ferocious desire to know and heal your mind and body. You also want to bring that kind of energy and wisdom to your relationship with your children.

Whether you are planning to have a child and want to develop your knowledge before you become a mother, you already have children and want to look more closely at how you’re raising children, or you’ve already raised your children and want to go back and heal some of those connections, and inspire your children who may be raising their kids (your grandkids), this course will provide you with numerous benefits.


Why Can’t I Just Get All of This From Parenting Books?

There is no single resource or course like this available today.  What makes this course unique and powerful is the combination of wisdom from a cohort of mothers who are experts in mindfulness, intuition, prayer, yoga, trauma, psychology, and manifestation.  They draw from Buddhism, Shamanism, the psychic faculties (the “clairs”), Western psychology, New Age and contemporary spirituality, and indigenous traditions.  They are meditation teachers, yogis, reiki masters, psychic and medical mediums, social workers, mantra experts, prayer artists, and doulas. No single teacher could offer this course. 


What Happens After Purchase:

Upon purchasing your spot, you will receive access to all of the videos, PDFs, meditations, and bonus materials. You get to work through the course at your own pace, and can interact with other mothers in the private FB group. 

Imagine where you could be just 8 weeks from now …

Brimming with a sense of confidence, feeling grounded and connected to an internal guidance and sense of trust, feeling connected to a strong community of conscious mothers who carry with them the wisdom of the Divine Mother.